21 Mar

We guess it happened to us, too.

Biting off more than we can chew.

Not significantly more; just so that we will be needing a bit of time off to readjust our views.

Rest assured, we will be back in no time with fresh minds and shiny word-babies.

So while we take a short hiatus, stay inspired and keep smiling!


Judith Gap 9

15 Mar

“Good heavens, Cristobel! We don’t puke on guests in this house!” The cat licked its paw and leaped away. When Clara came to she was still in the hallway. The woman had pulled up a chair and was staring at her. “I’m so sorry but you really are heavier than I remembered.” “Who are you?” Clara blurted out. The woman reminded her of someone. “The me is hardly important, child. What you should be asking is how I can help you keep them away.” “Them who?” “The ones who keep doing-“ Clara fainted again. “-this to you.” The woman sighed.

14 Mar

Goblins live among us. So do other magical creatures. You just need the right pair of glasses. Here is s a mischiveous goblin, back in 2007.

Kitty love

14 Mar

my fat cat by ellevaouelleveut

One of my cats. Yes, she’s fat. Yes, she can walk and jump and scratch and be a very lively and happy cat, thank you very much. She also talks. A lot. 🙂
13 Mar

If there’s motion, there’s life. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking living things or inanimate objects. If you’re looking for something that is truly alive, be it something tangible or just an idea, watch for something that carries momentum.