19 Nov

Plot Opener : Somebody is knocking at my door.

              For all my life, I`ve been knowing(seeing and feeling) how certain things happen before they actually do. Just like this morning when I knew that somebody will knock at my door before it happened. And then I knew for sure that I`m going to die. This morning, in two hours time.

             Strange, I wake up in a cold sweat, my mind is racing and my senses are heightened – there I am, standing half-naked in my bed – and somehow, absolutely impossible to explain, listening to my killer knock at my door before he does it. It`s 6:00 A.M sharp.

            The shadow-dance on the ceiling, like a dark omen of things to come, and the smell of petrol and factory gases from the industrial area wake me completely to my senses. My daily-life here. Here, where I live and hide. Hide from everyone. Everyone is the enemy. The enemy must be lied, deceived, fooled, tricked. Tricked, yes,  with skill, only for me to continue my existence, to delay the pay. The pay that will be done one way or another. I smile. It`s still 6:00 A.M sharp. My mind races like an animal running from its hunters. I have no chance of escape. I know this better than I know my own goddamn name. I have no chance. No escape. This isn`t a maze; no, not the labyrinth, not the complicated network of passages with The Minotaur waiting for its prey. This is a bet. And in two hours time I`ll be losing. I can feel The Minotaur coming for its prize – the win from the bet  –me. My mind races like a wild beast chased by a pack of wolves. Here I am, waiting for The Big Bad Wolf to come knock at my door. It`s still 6:00 A.M sharp. There`s four strong knocks in my apartment door, then silence. No voice. No name. No escape. Only Death and me, waiting for each-other to be together, face to face, confronted.

             The first thought – run. Like hell. Run like the rabbit in the woods. Run or you`re a goner. Second thought – stay and die. Try and die with dignity, no sigh!  I stay. I wait. I wait.  I wait. I keep on waiting. Curious. Curious to see what will happen next.

             It`s 8:00 A.M sharp. My heart stops. I am dead, cold and still.

              How did this happen? How did I died?  I do not know. I know only that I`ve seen it. And in the moment I knew, I stopped knowing.

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