Week 3: A Man and a Woman

5 Dec

A man and a woman, still young, married for a few years are sitting across from each other at the table, having breakfast. They  look in a hurry to get somewhere else, but still take their time chewing their food. At one point, the woman stops her fork midair and after a moment’s consideration asks her husband:

‘Hey, do you ever feel like.. there’s an invisible wall between us? Like ever since we got married we’ve been slowly growing apart, holding each other in contempt, taking the other person for granted, thinking their opinion doesn’t matter as much as outsiders’? Do you ever feel like when you look at me you feel no sexual attraction, no spark, just the agreeing faces of your parents, an acceptable mother to your future children and the contract of your silent resignation from pursuing a deeper connection?’

The man never flinches and continues to chew. ‘Yes, honey, I think I read that book too. Good stuff. Paulo Coelho right? Oh and have you seen my stupid red tie? I never find it when I need it.’

‘It’s in the dresser, by my nightgown.’

‘Ah, right, right, forgot.’

The fork finally reaches the woman’s mouth and they both continue to chew in a mellow, content kind of way, both being in a bit of a hurry though.

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