Week 3: Walls

5 Dec

Churches are built with stones of constitution, brothels with bricks of religion,

Mortar water soiled hands, my labor, my prayer, the need for vertical limits.

Limitless vertical horizon, growth, food food food food nourishment growth

To do, to be done, to be done with to do, to be doing with within, being.

Upon, step by step on top of each other, liquid into solid to hold to bind

Bound in holding, bound to hold together reaching, grasping a tighter clasp.

Geometry, the triangle, geometry the square, the line the lead, geometry the point


Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage,

Words sentences to be unfurled to trace to layer to pave to make to cobble

Rising structured emotion top to bottom perfect symmetry lines lines lines

Swirl curve bend they puncture and confirm and parallel and intersect and be

Just be by being they are one singularity which has forgotten the meaning of plurality

More the lesser out or in the middle of all shapes potential entropy

The dance of shapes the thoughts the words the sounds the lines the whole





Shunting out

Cutting off

Sealing in

To climb

To break

To dig

Seige Seige Seige


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