Week 4:Three part

12 Dec


For me, for you, forbidden

For that, I try to forget

For me, forever, forsaken.


For us to transmute

To transgress, to transcend

Trod, trekked, trespassed.


From this to that

We bind we break.

From our own borders banished.


You uplift, and undermine,

You upset and unfold

My fears and understanding.


You slip, you slide, you slither,

You’re Summer, you’re someone’s

Subtile joy, but I’m never certain.


For me, for you, forbidden,

For us, nail and hammer,

Steal chain and shackle.


Our plight, our prayers,

Played, pleaded, never passed.

Judgment, just or vindictive.


From greatness to gentleness

You descend your grace,

With grace and generosity.


Salt and silver running.

You force the bitterness of self.

And taste, and dread, I taste.


For us to fathom

Denied and barred forever,

For me, for you, forbidden.

To be read:

a) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

b) 10 7 4 2 1 5 8 3 9 6

c) 6 3 8 5 10 9 4 7 2 1


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