Spicing things up!

8 Jan
Stripy party hats 1 by Mr Printables
Stripy party hats 1, a photo by Mr Printables on Flickr.

Hey there!

We’ve got some awesome news!

Starting with January 9, each day will have its own theme. Get ready to see more of and from The Nameless, as the writers will share a bit more of what tickles their fancy.

As you will surely notice this coming week, beside the now usual Monday Sessions we have four new categories, each bringing its share of pzazz:


  • Pop-up Tuesdays will showcase what caught our eye so bad we just had to share it with you
  • On Visual Wednesdays you will see the world through our eyes. Sometimes you will even see us
  • 100-word Thursdays are reserved for bits and pieces of thoughts, all in precisely one hundred words
  • And last but not least, the Feature Fridays will bring reviews of awesome things we read/watch/listen/take part in, as well as translations of various sorts.


So board this adventure that keeps getting bigger and better, and share with us thoughts and finds of your own!


Change the world with us!

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