Week 6: Only if you behave

9 Jan
Cal at Playa Bruja by MattMawson
Cal at Playa Bruja, a photo by MattMawson on Flickr.

What do you want me to say? Should I just start like that? Yeah? Fine. I like younger men. It doesn’t sound that weird, not when I’m not much older myself, but every now and again people cock an eyebrow and look me up and down as if I were mad. They’re not even under-aged so I don’t really get the sour faces. It’s pretty simple. Purely physical. Quite hormonal. My body tells me they’re fresh and flexible. So shoot me. But that’s not even half of it. I suppose this is where things get really weird. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh, well, here goes nothing. I like their skin–the way it wraps, taut, around the collar bones. Then there’s that throbbing vein at the base of the neck keeping the tempo of an altogether unbearably free heart. Do you know what a younger man’s heart sounds like? It sounds like a crystal ball full of sunshine and sea. It feels like sunrays filtered through high canopies and tastes like those little, white candies I used to love as a child, I can’t remember their name.

Are you happy now? Knowing something about me that no one else does? Good. No, you’re not that young, don’t worry. And don’t peek at your collar bones through your shirt. Though your neck does arch in a certain way…  And your eyes are pretty. They quite make up for the fact that your life’s reading list is the length of my credit card. Oh, so now I’m harsh? Didn’t you register your mortified expression from just two minutes ago? No? Really? That’s funny. Of course I’m not generalizing. Did you hear me say that? With those words? Really now.

Oh, sure. Go on, I don’t mind smoking. Can you do those little smoke circles, too? Mh-hm… How do you move your mouth like that? Is it hard? Do it again. Fascinating… What do you mean I’m looking at you “that” way? What way? Too much TV, I told you. Haha. No, just pulling your leg.

Swimming? Right now? Why not. Let me get my bathing suit. And the camera. To take pictures, obviously. Well, only if you behave.


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