Judith Gap – 1

12 Jan

I was listening to Sara Bareilles‘ song, “Any Way the Wind Blows“, and these lyrics sparked a story in my head.

You are love
You are monsters and angels
Untouched and unseen
All in one
I take all that you are
Cause you’re just like me
But you move and it’s hard
To stay close to a satellite
So I lose sight of you
Till you come round again
I’m watching the wind

That was almost a year ago. A few months later I discovered the 100 Word Story website and this photo prompt of theirs, and I knew it, I just knew it. My story. Well, the beginning at least. And though we’re already twelve days into the new year (which only means there are many more to come, of course), I’m planning to write this thing out in 100 word bits, one for each day that’s left of 2012. Here’s the first one:

She stood on the curb surrounded by bags and a backpack tied with rope. The snow fell in quiet, silky waves but she was rooted there on feet of lead. The lights were on inside, colorful little bulbs strung on white cable hanging in the windows. A hint of cutlery clashing in the supper room, a popped cork, laughter. The cab driver rolled down the window. “This is what you told me, Miss. Middle of 3rd, Judith Gap.” She nodded and looked back at the empty road. It was. But no one had told her it would be that cold.


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