Judith Gap 2

19 Jan

Here’s the second bit of the Judith Gap story. Still no name for it but oddly enough, that doesn’t bother me.


“Oh, Lord. Not grandma’s favorite rug, love,” mama laughed and bent down to snatch the cork before it stained the carpet.  “Derrek, go get a damp napkin,” she said inspecting an incriminating splatter on the nearby wall. The kitchen was dark and silent, the air moist, the oven door open all the way down.  It smelled of triple-layer strawberry sponge cake. Derrek stopped by the window to peek out but, really, he was just inhaling deeply. Outside the snow was piling up. The snow—piling… “Mama, the wind stopped.” “Good,” her voice came from the supper room. “Your sister is here.”


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