Week 8: My gosh

23 Jan

Must be just the born and bred European ones then . I thought all men snored!

Sleeping very peacefully, not snoring. So I just looked at you for a while and decided you were indeed, every bit as adorable and my drunken mind thought you were the night before.

I woke up before you because I felt in a strange environment and I can never sleep all that soundly when I’m not home.

I remember thinking how nice that was of you.  You slept on the other side of the bed.

Fast forward all the way to your hotel room, the first morning.

Sure, I still drifted away from you every now and again to prove a point, that I could be gone at any moment and that all good things are fleeting, but I always felt like I couldn’t wait to come back. From then on it was you and me in that entire club, dancing in any what way we felt like dancing.

Game changer.

I thought about possible repercussions with Robert, the guy I was half seeing at the time, with DeeDee, even though we were never gonna be exclusive, I had all these silly paranoid little ideas about promiscuity and fairness and other tedious things floating around in my head, but then BAM, you took the plunge and you kissed me.

By this point I didn’t know how to feel, but I knew I was attracted to you and had the best of vibes coming from you, like you were full of surprises and tantalizing treasure chests I simply needed to open. Flip flops, laughter, Chase’s awesomely intoxicating smell.

Skip skip skip and we’re buying drinks and dancing in Control and the superman T-shirt had to go because I was getting pretty sweaty. I asked you to come with me to a friend’s movie at 10 am in the morning, invite which you oddly accepted, and, of course, we never went. I felt like hugging you for putting up with our crap.

We made you smoke a cigarette and you hated it, but did it because why not.

A while later, at Gradina OAR, where we ordered wine and talked about music a while. Such a great atmosphere there, all green and fresh and whimsical.

Fast forward to us at another café, me talking to DeeDee and you to Rachel, me wondering whether or not I’d lost your attention and how I could win it back.

You were a foodie too.  Ah you were so jealous. Rachel and I came over into the dangerously narrow balcony with you and I let it slip that we’d eaten something. You guys went up to that very narrow balcony, the café with the antique furniture inside, that you could sit on. Skip to me deciding to stay in town after all that evening even tho I’d promised myself I was gonna take it easy. Then you began conversing and I got more and more intrigued.

I wasn’t sorry I’d agreed to meet Ruby that day, tho we hadn’t seen each other in ages and I was reluctant. American boy,  a bit scruffy, his shirt casually open a couple of buttons, broad shoulders, big beautiful innocent looking eyes. But in a detached kind of way, I wasn’t going to let you know right off the bat, naturally.

When I saw you coming over to the Little Bar alongside Ruby, I was instantly attracted to you.

What a day. And how you didn’t stop? Remember how I guessed your girlfriend’s name while you were going down on me?

My gosh.


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