Laci Green’s Virtual Sex-Ed

24 Jan

I’m going to tell you why I think Laci Green is the virtual spokes girl for one of the most important causes out there: sexual education among youths.

Ever since I can remember, sexual education was something I’d occasionally stumble upon in movies and even there it was usually parodied  in some way or another. As I read more about it I found out that sex ed is actually very rarely done properly if at all in schools or within the closed circuit of the family.

In my school, we never even studied male and female anatomy, we flew right past that topic like it was on fire and we had to escape the 3rd degree burns. The shame, awkwardness and lack of attention that still rules supreme over these subjects in most parts of human society is very troubling for me.

This is why I find Laci Green’s website and Youtube channel to be such a refreshing little corner of the internet. She’s an energetic 22 year old girl from San Francisco, U.S.A. She’s taught sex ed at the high school and university level and is a certified crisis counselor for the state of California.She speaks out and informs in a very friendly, non censuring, sex-positive and straight forward fashion.  Her girlish mannerisms and smile make the messages all the more easy to swallow, whether she’s talking about polyamory, basic anatomy, not being able to climax, asexuality, bisexuality, virginity or nudism.

News flash, Victorians, sex is not just for making babies!

This is her main website:

One of her more recent videos, CLIT-ICAL THINKING was flagged and taken down for a few days by narrow minded people, who can’t even stand other people talking about the human body and think it’s ‘dirty’. Thankfully, her fan-base stepped in, protested the decision and her video is up and running again. Check it out for yourselves:


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