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Week 10: and I feel fine

6 Feb

The end of the world was not quite we had been expecting. Of course, we knew that the Rapture would happen. That the good souls of our church would be lifted to Heaven to be with the Lord. That we would be rewarded for all our prayers. And those heathens, those men with long hair, those women in short skirts, those abominations who were neither man nor woman, or who lived in sin, all those bastard children, those who cavorted with members of their sex, the adulterers and liars, those would all be left behind to weep rivers of tears for their sins. They would not bask in the Light, the would not sing hymns of praise to our Lord, they were wrong and devils and to Satan they would go.

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Week 10: Writing prompt

6 Feb

We’re almost done with the exams here but sleeplessness has left its mark on us.

So much so that we’re breaching all sorts of rules with the set ending of a tongue-in-cheek question:

Have you accepted Jesus Christ in your life?