Week 10: and I feel fine

6 Feb

The end of the world was not quite we had been expecting. Of course, we knew that the Rapture would happen. That the good souls of our church would be lifted to Heaven to be with the Lord. That we would be rewarded for all our prayers. And those heathens, those men with long hair, those women in short skirts, those abominations who were neither man nor woman, or who lived in sin, all those bastard children, those who cavorted with members of their sex, the adulterers and liars, those would all be left behind to weep rivers of tears for their sins. They would not bask in the Light, the would not sing hymns of praise to our Lord, they were wrong and devils and to Satan they would go.

Of course, it did not happen that way. The end came, as the Bible said it would, but we were not chosen. We were left behind, to deal with despair. Father Joffrey said it was for our own good, that God was testing us, that we would somehow still prevail, and be with Him, that everything was as it should be. So we toiled. Where cities had been, there was now only rubble. So we built new cities, and glorious churches to the Lord. We prayed and prayed for salvation, and we prayed for guidance, and we prayed for the second coming of Christ.

The angels appeared soon after. They were not as glorious as the Scripture said they would be, but who are mortals, to look upon God’s creation and not accept it as it is? They came down in floating boats, like hundreds of Noahs, looking to save the flock. We were blessed. They would not speak to us, but we are imperfect and they are God’s will, so we did not despair. They told us what to do in cryptic messages, and we followed. We have been following the true word of the Lord for so long, and here it was, our reward, our salvation. They healed our sick and tended to the dying. They took the children, to educate them in the purity of Light, away from our mortal sins. They took some of the women, too, the true followers of Christ, the pure virgins and the mothers. The men stayed behind, to follow in what was given them. The women who were left were no longer our flock, for the angels had seen their devil souls, so we too turned away.

They left. They went back to their boats and we have been waiting since. We will await, few as we are, because the Lord tests us. The Lord knows our deepest sins and we must atone for them, so we too may be forgiven and accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven. We will wait, patiently, for the Bible tells us so. Some of us have run off, into the wilderness, fancying themselves true prophets and telling us we are doomed. We are not. The Lord will come to us. He is the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost and He will not abandon His flock. We face salvation here.

So tell me, stranger, have you accepted Jesus Christ in your life?


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