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Little wonders

7 Feb

Anna Emilia comes from Finland and says that:

“When I paint I think of all the faraway places the wind reaches and hope to hear from them. I enjoy finding connections between nature and the ones living in it, collecting them as memories on a soft cotton paper.”

How can you not love someone with such a view on life? What I like most about Anna Emilia, apart from her gentle and inspiring artistic perspective, is the soft but playful way she paints…well, everything. The buds, flowers, fresh shoots, the seeds, leaves, branches, birch trees, and moving on to different spheres, the h0uses, and characters, the stories– so dream-like, so touched by the sprightly wing of childish, innocent love.

Anna Emilia - floral

All this winter outside blasting us with ice and covering everything with a thick layer of snow makes me yearn for my own patch quilt igloo…

Anna Emilia - Snow house

When I’m done with the exams, Mr. AM and I will curl up under the blankets with a cup of tea and dream of an early spring. Autumn is still a long way away, though the girl below does make a strong case for it.

Anna Emilia - Autumn dreams

You can see more of Anna Emilia’s work on Flickr. Go read her Weather Diary and buy a print (or five)!