Week 13: Drinking Games and Consequences

5 Mar

Kate was just getting over a fit of laughter, wiping tears off her cheeks with her wrists and looking at her glass as Alec poured more wine. They were facing each other, sitting around the minuscule kitchen table, in the spiny bar stools.

‘I think it’s safe to assume rum and dark beer would be too much for you about now”, he added slyly, scratching the back of his head.

‘Na-ah! I can hold my liquor just fine, thank you.’ Playful smugness tattooed all over her face.

‘Is that so?’

‘It is.’

‘Oh, is it?’

Kate crossed her arms and legs and fought the urge to smile. She then said between her teeth:

‘You underestimate my power, young padawan.’

In a matter of seconds, her glass of white wine was empty. Squinting, as if she’d just eaten an entire lemon, Kate looked Alec straight in the eyes, provoking him.

‘Hah. Alright, I see where this is going. You’re challenging me’, he said, watching her the entire time, soaking up every bit of that image.

A series of wine shots ensued. Followed closely by rum and dark beer. Then just rum. Within a few minutes or perhaps hours, bathed in the stark kitchen light, the pair was short for breath, with their shirts off and barefoot, sweating like professional athletes on their final lap. Kate had a black, lacy bra on, Alec didn’t.

‘Had enough yet, champ?’ he inquired.

‘I feel-‘, Kate made a pause to give out an inaudible girl burp then flung her head back, rolling her eyes all the way, delirious. Then, without further pause: ‘I feel just peachy, noble opponent. And thou?’

‘This is breakfast for me, heh, no problem at all. Insulting, really.’ Alec’s eyes couldn’t focus properly.

‘Pffffffft, liiiaaaarrrr! ‘ Hysterics.

Kate began laughing and smacking his arm, repeatedly. Alec seemed to perk up and began paying attention. After a few of her clumsy, poorly aimed slaps, he grabbed her arm. She barely had time to stop giggling and lock eyes with the now very serious shirtless boy before Alec whispered, almost to himself:

‘What are we doing?’

‘Huh? Pardon?’

Then louder, to her:

‘I’m not going to kiss you , you know.’ His and her eyes widened.


‘I’m not.’

‘But.. But I taste delicious.’ Kate snickered.

He then took hold of her other arm, having almost complete power over her by this point. She didn’t struggle, but her smile faded.

‘Why would you taste delicious?’, Alec asked with an expression of utter seriousness.

‘From the rum and, well, we had some sweet fruit tarts earlier-‘

‘I’m serious. Why.’

Kate scoffed, looked away,  then regained her composure. She pulled in close to him, her cheek touching his, her reddened lips next to his ear.

‘Because we could be really happy together. Drinking each other under the table whenever we feel like it, for as long as we feel like it.’

‘But who’s gonna eventually fall, K.?.. under the table, that is.’ Alec turned his face towards her.

Their lips were milometers apart and the vapors of alcohol on their warm breaths filled the air between them, transformed it into something fluid, suffocating, unbearable.

Kate, surrendering to this eerie spell, grabbed his jaw with her small hand, opened his mouth and licked his upper lip, ever so slowly. Excruciatingly so.

Alec tasted his lip as well. ‘Scrumptious’, he thought, but said nothing.

‘It’ll be me to fall’, she thought, but said just as much.


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