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Judith Gap 8

8 Mar

The short woman stomped up to a cottage surrounded by elder trees. She looked round from the doorway. “Quick. Get inside,” she commanded, and the girl stepped in.  The house seemed very still. Then a herd of cats exploded into the hallway. Clara winced. “I’m sorry,” said the woman closing the front door. “All this snow is making it harder to tell things apart.” The girl mumbled noncommittally and followed the woman into cat territory. Or at least intended to before collapsing in the middle of the hallway. An orange tabby came to sniff her hair. It sniffed, then puked.

Light fantastic

7 Mar

light is love by ellevaouelleveut

One of the things I love about my home is the light. It never ceases to enchant me.
(with added proof that I have not bought a bookcase to this day, haha)

Week 13: Drinking Games and Consequences

5 Mar

Kate was just getting over a fit of laughter, wiping tears off her cheeks with her wrists and looking at her glass as Alec poured more wine. They were facing each other, sitting around the minuscule kitchen table, in the spiny bar stools.

‘I think it’s safe to assume rum and dark beer would be too much for you about now”, he added slyly, scratching the back of his head.

‘Na-ah! I can hold my liquor just fine, thank you.’ Playful smugness tattooed all over her face.

‘Is that so?’

‘It is.’

‘Oh, is it?’

Kate crossed her arms and legs and fought the urge to smile. She then said between her teeth:

‘You underestimate my power, young padawan.’

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Week 13: Writing prompt

5 Mar

You didn’t skip your 13th birthday just because you were superstitious now, did you?

Your mom cooked something delicious and you forgot all about black cats, shattered mirros and 7 years’ worth of bad luck.

So don’t skip week 13 either. We have something scrumptious coming your way.

Judith Gap 7

1 Mar

Mornings were a drag in the Wilder household. The mother bustled around and woke everyone up because oversleeping was against the Lord. So were Ugg boots in July and black bras under white clothes. That morning Clara showered, leafed through the local paper, munched on milk and cereal and almost ran away from home a second time, all in the span of an hour. The front door banged shut. The girl breathed in a lungful of winter and took to the road. She was turning the corner of 1st Avenue when someone caught up with her. “Walk with me, child.”


Happy 1st of March to everyone! It snowed again around here but spring can’t be that far away, can it? 😀