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Week 12: Time – A Question of Vengeance ?

27 Feb

It was far from over. I was so far from being done with. This circle will never end. It was a sadistic, cruel, immense and above all powerful and crushing way of teaching me a lesson. Will my time ever collapse and my body unbound ? After all these years, I think I am ready. My sins forgotten, my past invisible and The Murderer gone.  Will I be set  free to step into the light, to break the chains of Fear and Death ?


The abbey was burning. The walls were burning. The corpses were burning again and again. The smell of putrefaction and blood was everywhere. Rot. Now I find myself with the others, defending the ruins of Monte Cassino. It was the 10th of February. The chronicles of the future were going to say that 1,400 tons of bombs were dropped on this area here on the 15 February. Only five days left. Of course I`m not allowed  to stay that much. Every time I`m taken away on the morning of 15. Twentieth “Battle for Cassino”  for me. I wasn’t able to change  anything all those last times, and now I was sick of it all. I was burning inside like Icarus in the skies. All these men. And the fact that I cannot help any of them. My brothers-in-arms. They all had their own Pistolen Maschinengewehr, those heavy and ancient P.M.s and some grenades for clearing the Allied troops from their holes. In the no man’s land poison and gases were blinding everybody stupid enough to search there for valuables through the bodies of the dead. My Parabellum pistol was hanging at my belt. Some fighters  were taking their dogfight higher and higher in the infernal sky. Hell. At my left and right – Hell. On the surface of the earth – Hell. Look up, look around, find Hell. The Americans were singing that old song: “My bonnie is over the ocean, My bonnie is over the sea, Bring back, oh bring back my bonnie to me…” What a fool I’ve been. The Murderer will never go from my side. All the deaths, all these unimaginable crimes are taking their toll now. I am The Murderer and forevermore will be. It was far from over.

Forth. Continue reading

Week 11: Tom close shut

20 Feb

Tom closes the door behind him and is relieved. His entire being is fulfilled. Mr. “No thanks, bye” has no friends, or at least he likes to think he has none. He has nobody for his own. He loves himself, period. He doesn`t know and doesn`t care. And worst of all-he doesn`t like anyone. Keep pushing that feeling down, down, down, where it belongs. Cold as a razor blade, tight as a tourniquet, dry as a funeral drum he feels sometimes, but does not know why… Continue reading

The doves of snow – Prologue

2 Feb


The white world whirls its whirlwind wielding wars of winds in the whiteout, without winning, whining or even wandering what I want. A silence like whispers in a chilling tempo.

Peace. Not pleasure. Serenity. No action. Light. No darkness that can come from life. Softness. Not a single drop of destruction that can come out of the human heart. Echoes in the dove-gray sky.

The doves of snow are my only friend. Singular. Because these birds form together an entity-The Dovetail. Regenerating with neverending calmness. Hope in the blue-green-white like thunders revealing the way to soul-travelers. The tale of the Dovetail and how I met Her is what you`ll hear next.

Week 9: Same Old

30 Jan

     So, here I am to tell you all the shortened version of the story. The story about M. I loved her, I still do. I dreamed about her. I still do. I adored her, worshiped her, built her an altar in my soul, made for her all the sacrifices we do for Love, carved her in my blood,veins,tendons,muscles,air. She was Air. She still is. But not for me.

A small poem for her-in romanian first, then translated, sanctified, hyperbolized into English. Continue reading

Week 8:Improvisation Nation(From the Series-We Are a Combo-Nation)

23 Jan

  No is Yes,

Love is a disease,

The moon lights the day

And all suns blight your way!

May all your beliefs spike your say,

May all my maledictions turn your land into clay,

My malevolant smile mark your malformed creed

And hey…

While your cattle munch on their hay

I will H-bomb your entire seed Continue reading