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Week 13: Drinking Games and Consequences

5 Mar

Kate was just getting over a fit of laughter, wiping tears off her cheeks with her wrists and looking at her glass as Alec poured more wine. They were facing each other, sitting around the minuscule kitchen table, in the spiny bar stools.

‘I think it’s safe to assume rum and dark beer would be too much for you about now”, he added slyly, scratching the back of his head.

‘Na-ah! I can hold my liquor just fine, thank you.’ Playful smugness tattooed all over her face.

‘Is that so?’

‘It is.’

‘Oh, is it?’

Kate crossed her arms and legs and fought the urge to smile. She then said between her teeth:

‘You underestimate my power, young padawan.’

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Scrolling Through Pictures

23 Feb

I’m right there, just.

Scrolling down to see frame after cursed frame of landscape photography.

I can’t stop myself. I’m transfixed. Powerless. Drained!..

But the images aren’t interested in my plight. I gush over them. I do, dear lord, I do.

Yet, I dare to imagine familiar things, whilst my slippery fingers scroll on, aimlessly.

A ferocious lonesome dog that only wishes to be loved, but it’s foaming, foaming at the mouth and… It won’t stop hunting.

Where does mere fascination end?

Transcendence in the shape of a hill, like no other hill can offer.

Poor dog, poor fingers.

Poor hills.

Week 11: Shower Shame and Ladybugs

20 Feb

There they were.

Frozen in time and space, dust floating lazily between the air they shared in that steamy room, combining carelessly with the water, created mud.

What a murky situation.

She didn’t know what to cover up first, her bare thighs that were anything but childish anymore, her shapely breasts with bright pink nipples that demanded attention due to her milky complexion or perhaps her hips and surrounding patches of skin. In a wayward motion, she covered her bony knees, one hand on each knee. Like she was covering a gash, a dirty word written on a notebook from a teacher,  a horrifying defect.

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I speak like a distinguished child

1 Feb

I speak like a distinguished child

Week 9: Mysterious human riches

30 Jan



I brush my fingers with my lips

Or perhaps I lip my brushes with my fingers.

No, no,

I sweep my mouth’s exterior with my guitar wielding human riches.


I do it so to feel the feel

Of skin on skin

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