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21 Mar

We guess it happened to us, too.

Biting off more than we can chew.

Not significantly more; just so that we will be needing a bit of time off to readjust our views.

Rest assured, we will be back in no time with fresh minds and shiny word-babies.

So while we take a short hiatus, stay inspired and keep smiling!

Week 13: Writing prompt

5 Mar

You didn’t skip your 13th birthday just because you were superstitious now, did you?

Your mom cooked something delicious and you forgot all about black cats, shattered mirros and 7 years’ worth of bad luck.

So don’t skip week 13 either. We have something scrumptious coming your way.

Week 12: Writing prompt

27 Feb

You may say it’s too late to post this week’s writing prompt.

That would hold true if the prompt for this week weren’t about time travelers.

So no use syncing your timepieces, it was already too late.

Week 11: Writing prompt

20 Feb

And we’re back!

The ice has started to thaw and some of us are starting classes again.

Spring must be around the corner (we sure hope so!) but since winter seemed quite endless only a week ago,

today we’ll be musing on the subject of “forever in a nutshell.”


14 Feb

Winter reigns in old Europe and we are covered in snow. Wherever you look we’ve got either a code orange or a code red for blizzards, heavy snowfall and all-time low temperatures.

What with all the storms and blackouts we’ve decided to take a week off and dream the cold away under heavy blankets.

See you next Monday when we resume our regular activity!