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14 Mar

Goblins live among us. So do other magical creatures. You just need the right pair of glasses. Here is s a mischiveous goblin, back in 2007.

13 Mar

If there’s motion, there’s life. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking living things or inanimate objects. If you’re looking for something that is truly alive, be it something tangible or just an idea, watch for something that carries momentum.

The Vladivostok 2

1 Mar

Selective physics. This was how Frank had coined the erratic celestial dance and a host of other oddities that sent them sailing blind. It took them a while, to notice that they went to sleep in a world and woke up in another. The Sun and Moon were rising and setting at random points, the stars moving erratically. The airwaves were silent. As if radio or satellites had never been invented. On the other hand, gravity was still there. So were the water and the clouds, the fishes and the seagulls. And so was he, a court jester turned chronicler.


29 Feb

Redbull owned North American B-25 Mitchell flying over Budapest in the opening of the “Redbull Air Race”

Back in the day, you had to go to war in order to snatch one of these.

“Typophile Film Festival” – Opening Titles

28 Feb

Wake up, enjoy the slightly out of  focus image, take a deep breath  and dip your fingers into the toothpaste (careful with your eyes though). Now sit down and eat your inspiration veggies.