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Pretty pixels

21 Feb

Does any of you remember PacMan? How about Tetris, or Space Invaders? No matter if you’re a boy, a girl, a man or woman, you played one of these games at least once in your life. Back then, every pixel meant something and technology served inspiration, not the other way around. Putting things out of context is one of our naturally occuring creative resources and this guy brilliantly taps into it. So let the kid out and enjoy!

Week 1: Sin Inc.

21 Nov

(Note: this was written as a separate assignment, but I could not gather inspiration for something regarding this Monday’s theme; I decided to post this so that at least I have something for today 🙂 )

“Greed never was the most popular of the Seven Sins. He was actually considered even more annoying than Gluttony, who would constantly eat everything from the office fridge. Lust was usually found to be quite ravishing, especially since she refused to wear the proper formal attire, and opted instead for garments which could be described as leaving little to the imagination. Sloth just didn’t give a damn about anyone else, and the others would generally avoid him, but hey, you could always count on him in a poker game to always lose, due to lack of interest.

Wrath always came into the office smelling of gunpowder and death, but hey, at least it wasn’t the stench of angel dust, right? Envy and Pride were too busy fighting over which one was better to actually prove an annoyance to anyone else, but Greed just couldn’t help but exacerbate all those present.

He would occasionally steal not just office supplies, but also souls, from the other Sins; except Wrath’s. Nobody messed with Wrath and afterlived.”

“Then why do I have to be Greed?” I asked.

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Claiming and all that jazz

10 Jan

You know, all this tech stuff is making us really hungry. Some may find 3TRPGRNBVV9Q weird but it really isn’t. (Technorati fiddling)