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14 Mar

Goblins live among us. So do other magical creatures. You just need the right pair of glasses. Here is s a mischiveous goblin, back in 2007.

Kitty love

14 Mar

my fat cat by ellevaouelleveut

One of my cats. Yes, she’s fat. Yes, she can walk and jump and scratch and be a very lively and happy cat, thank you very much. She also talks. A lot. 🙂

Light fantastic

7 Mar

light is love by ellevaouelleveut

One of the things I love about my home is the light. It never ceases to enchant me.
(with added proof that I have not bought a bookcase to this day, haha)


29 Feb

Redbull owned North American B-25 Mitchell flying over Budapest in the opening of the “Redbull Air Race”

Back in the day, you had to go to war in order to snatch one of these.

Street creatures

29 Feb

street snowman by ellevaouelleveut

The stuff you find roaming around Sibiu. :))