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Judith Gap 9

15 Mar

“Good heavens, Cristobel! We don’t puke on guests in this house!” The cat licked its paw and leaped away. When Clara came to she was still in the hallway. The woman had pulled up a chair and was staring at her. “I’m so sorry but you really are heavier than I remembered.” “Who are you?” Clara blurted out. The woman reminded her of someone. “The me is hardly important, child. What you should be asking is how I can help you keep them away.” “Them who?” “The ones who keep doing-“ Clara fainted again. “-this to you.” The woman sighed.

Judith Gap 8

8 Mar

The short woman stomped up to a cottage surrounded by elder trees. She looked round from the doorway. “Quick. Get inside,” she commanded, and the girl stepped in.  The house seemed very still. Then a herd of cats exploded into the hallway. Clara winced. “I’m sorry,” said the woman closing the front door. “All this snow is making it harder to tell things apart.” The girl mumbled noncommittally and followed the woman into cat territory. Or at least intended to before collapsing in the middle of the hallway. An orange tabby came to sniff her hair. It sniffed, then puked.

Judith Gap 7

1 Mar

Mornings were a drag in the Wilder household. The mother bustled around and woke everyone up because oversleeping was against the Lord. So were Ugg boots in July and black bras under white clothes. That morning Clara showered, leafed through the local paper, munched on milk and cereal and almost ran away from home a second time, all in the span of an hour. The front door banged shut. The girl breathed in a lungful of winter and took to the road. She was turning the corner of 1st Avenue when someone caught up with her. “Walk with me, child.”


Happy 1st of March to everyone! It snowed again around here but spring can’t be that far away, can it? 😀


Judith Gap 6

23 Feb

Technically, it was still day. The sun was dipping below the horizon splashing violets, oranges and brilliant streaks of gold along the entire highway. The Charger was cruising along humming its soothing tune and the passenger seat smelled of warm leather and sun-cream. The driver was lost in thought, the few creases on his forehead looking like ocean waves etched onto the skin. Clara laughed and put her feet up on the dashboard. “Are we there yet?” she asked. He turned to speak and everything exploded into tiny shards of pain. She woke up drenched in sweat, same as always.

Week 11: Forever, in a nutshell

20 Feb

The groundhog bobbed its grinning head frantically as the car rushed down the 110th.  It wasn’t of course grinning, but just frozen in time, gnawing at a chunk of wood. To Paul however,  the rows of white plastic teeth still looked like an evil grin. “It will bring you good fortune,” the car salesman said, as he handed him the keys to the black Charger.

The head bobbing was driving him crazy. He took the chewing gum out of his mouth and fitted it under the toy’s head, one eye on the road, barely enough for him to avoid running  the red light at Duke Ellington circle.

He leaned back on his seat with a sigh of relief and took a quick glance at a his bloodshot eyes and haggard face, without observing the hunched figure making its way to the front of his car. He jerked violently when the beggar knocked on the window. A row of surprisingly good teeth smiled at him from beneath a not so well-looking beard. With a soft thud, the beggar pressed a bunch of neatly packed maps against his window.

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