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Kitty love

14 Mar

my fat cat by ellevaouelleveut

One of my cats. Yes, she’s fat. Yes, she can walk and jump and scratch and be a very lively and happy cat, thank you very much. She also talks. A lot. 🙂

Light fantastic

7 Mar

light is love by ellevaouelleveut

One of the things I love about my home is the light. It never ceases to enchant me.
(with added proof that I have not bought a bookcase to this day, haha)

Street creatures

29 Feb

street snowman by ellevaouelleveut

The stuff you find roaming around Sibiu. :))

Waiting for…

22 Feb
in bloom by ellevaouelleveut
…spring. Really miss it. Hope it comes quickly…

Missing summer

25 Jan

roses by ellevaouelleveut