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Week 8: White – A Colour Waiting To Be Painted On

23 Jan

Silence. He was blankly staring at the wall. The still fine film of dust was gently covering everything in the room. The knocked over coffee table, the overturned bed, the battered paintings hanging lopsided. The carpet swollen and motionless. Emotionless the neon light flickered. Cold, staleness, sterility of action and thought, drive…There was no sound, the deafening roar of silence was all-consuming. He didn’t move, he was looking down upon the girl. Her position, her hands, her hair, her tits, her legs spread at a peculiar angle, her ankles, her livid face, her stomach, her fingers, fingernails, her ears and her piercings. Skin pierced, split by some needle, metal that spikes, cold metal that pricks, metal that separates skin from skin, severs the bond of our bodies. Stillness. Lack of movement. Lack.

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Power Games

11 Jan

So who’s really calling all the shots on this set? :]

 I drew these characters separately initially, but then couldn’t find a reason why not to turn them into a colourful visual duo.

There’s a whole gallery’s worth of drawings for any curious eye lurking right behind a click on the image above.