The Writers

Elle Va où Elle Veut

     Midnight baker, cat lover, part-time house elf and compulsive dreamer. I also have a thing for stones, Terry Pratchett, vampires, wolverines, Romanian myths, and bookcases, though I can’t say I own the latter to this day. My books are stacked up around the house. I’ve never heard them complain.

 Unwanted Thoughts Supply

     “I’m mostly in it for the free food and laughs” would be an accurate description of myself. I like making things, such as a drawing, a story or a joke within a story or a drawing. I like making people happier than they were before they met me. I’m always late and I don’t finish things very often, but I’m working on it, should be fixed any day now, no joke.


I am Ein, there you have it…


     i used to know who i wanted to become, but the older i grew, the more things stopped making sense. now i’m not looking for any meaning, i’m constructing my own. i am the kind of person who looks for fate in rainbows and music in absolute silence. i long ago gave up dreaming when i sleep, and i prefer to simply admit that most of my life is made up of coincidences and luck.

The Death of Infinite

     Hi, I am thedeathofinfinite and I bump out some nice stuff sometimes but I am too lazy to write my own description and subsequently will probably not post that often, so here is a slapdash, passive aggressive portrait done by the people upstairs instead.

Mister Magenta

I love anything that moves, flies, glitters and makes noises, preferably all at the same time. Against other people’s better judgement, I’m very fond of humans especially when they’re smiling, laughing, playing and doing stuff with their hands and souls. Introducing myself as a neoconservative confuses the hell out of opinionated folks (Green Party members in particular) which I find very pleasing.


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